"Random" Occurrences

This post is totally a product of an incredibly "random" occurrence. Things went well on my usual Monday visit with my mother in the suburbs. We had great conversations and since these talks made me stay a little later than normal, I also got to spend a little time talking with my aunt. Overall, a great visit.

So I get to the train to head back to the city. At the last minute, they announce that the train will be coming on the other side of the tracks. I’m annoyed. I begin to walk in the direction the train would stop, but the bars that come down have not lifted. There are three other people doing the same thing. We get across and the conductor says we can't board the train because we crossed before the bar went up. Safety violation or some shit. Mind you, the train was stopped. I pick my battles (really I do), so I let it go. I would have to wait an hour for the next train. Whatever… I would use this time to be productive. I sat and started to work on some images from yesterday's photo shoot. Beautiful, by the way!

What I did while I waited for the train.  

What I did while I waited for the train.  

It gets better. So while I'm waiting, a train going the other way drops debris on the track and knocks over a partition. Finally, my train comes. The other passengers and I get on and sit down, prepared to head back to the city. The train does not pull off. The conductor comes on: "Sorry for the delay. We just need to clear the track and we'll be on our way."

What felt like twenty minutes later, (I try not to check the time when I'm waiting. It just frustrates me), a recording comes on and announces the delay may be up to an hour. WTF??? C'mon are you serious!?! I literally said that out loud because it's 10 pm and my original train left at 7:37. A few moments later, the cute red-headed woman across from me (clearly dressed in corporate attire) stands up and says to me and the other woman on the train, "You want a ride into the city?" I just said sure. What the hell? I was tired of waiting there. Note: I do not recommend doing things like this. These are moments I realize I live a charmed life.

So I get up and follow her. Apparently, she was doing the same thing as me (out in the burbs visiting mom). As we exit the train, I officially introduce myself. Moments later, I meet her mom and get introduced as her friend David. She double checks on my name right before she says it.  Somewhere along the way, mom figures out (or she divulges) that we had actually just met 30 seconds before the walk to the car. We hop into the car. Clearly, this is going to be interesting.

Somehow neither of us is scared that the other is a psychopath. After about an hour of totally random conversation, a stop at the gas station and a hilarious attempt at a hug across the driver’s seat (remember, I’m a hugger), I hop out. We exchange info and part ways. I let her know I owe her a drink.  

Let me just say that the word random was in quotations marks ‘cause I have never really been a believer in a random universe. Yet I’m also not a true believer in predetermined outcomes (destiny) either.  Think of all the things that had to happen today alone for this one encounter to play out. That kind of stuff fascinates me.

Life has a way of making itself interesting and I'm along for the ride. Clearly, there was no love or sex in this story, so it was all about communication. She had a moment of generosity and she communicated that. I was comfortable with it and I, in turn, communicated that. Those two simple acts led to a great conversation and a hell of a “random” story.

Anyway, I am home safe and sound. In fact, I am lying on my floor writing this in the dark. If nothing else, what I learned today was to go with your gut and open your mouth. ‘Cause you never know what “random” occurrence might happen for you when you do.

Love them as they are, have amazing sex and communicate with intention.