20 Questions

Questions are a peculiar space for me. While I love questions as a way to get to know someone or a way for them to get to know me, I absolutely abhor being questioned. Itelicits an almost immediate defensive space. Ask me about the things I like, how I feel, or what I think about something and I’m down to have all of the conversation. 

Question me about whether or not I mean what I say, what I’m doing with my time, where I’m going, or hell, anything depending on my mood. (Yeah, I’m working on that inner diva that responds to a feeling of doubt or mistrust with all of the cringes inspired by nails on a chalkboard.)

JPEG image-281C1C7E4D3D-1.jpeg

So, what did I decide to do? I came up with 20 questions, some of which I love to answer and some that drive me batty. (I won’t reveal which are which for me though.) Feel free to answer any you’d like to share in the comments. (Or not.)

What is love?

How important is sex?

What difficulties do you face with communication?

What are your edges?

How much talking is too much?

Can you share your lover?

What is it that keeps us holding on? 

What do you do when there’s no point of compromise?

What are you willing to do for love?

How much work should relationships require?

What are you willing to compromise for something you want?

Do you really know yourself, and your patterns?

Are you honest when it’s not easy?

Would you rebuild a bridge that you burned?

Can trust be repaired?

Is love enough?

What are your deal breakers? 

Do you know what you really want love in your life to look like?

Does your journey require a destination?

Are you happy? (Bonus) If not, what are you going to do about it?

Well that’s all I’ve got for you this week, but then again that’s a crap ton of stuff to think about and I’m sure I could come up with 20 more questions. (But even I need to set limits from time to time.)

While you ponder these, keep in mind… 

Love them as they are, have amazing sex, and communicate with intention.