I'm Back

Do you ever find yourself letting life happen to you? Do you ever feel like you're not in the driver’s seat? 

Sometimes that feeling can be a beautiful one when you make room for life to just happen. Take a seat as a passenger and allow the wave to push you along. When the water is relatively calm and flowing in a direction you are enjoying, it feels great. But there’s another side to that. (You know me and the other side of things.) Sometimes you can be the passenger and not be paying close attention to where you are going and end up not having a clue where you are or how the hell you got there.  

I have experienced both sides of this passive method of living. I will acknowledge that not making a choice is still a choice and there is even responsibility and intention in being unintentional. I have my cycles in every aspect of my life, whether it is my art making or my love making (by love making I mean in the emotional sense for once). There are periods where I am super intentional and exercise control, sometimes to the point of obsession. Other times, I am like water, put me in a cup and I become the cup. 

It’s been a while since I've written for this blog and I'm sitting here thinking, “How do I get to the point about being my truest self? The light and the shadow? Embracing all that is truly me and discovering what is not.?” (I guess this is how.)

Can I be both?

Is it OK to be a living, breathing contradiction in terms?

It all seems to be a process that I am very much still learning. I know most of me at the core. But the truth is, I live in a world that often sits in contradiction to how I see things. I struggle with that reality quite regularly. I know I don't fit into the boxes society has ready for me. I know I don't want to fit in them. Yet, I repeatedly find myself playing contortionist and squeezing myself in.

I am reinviting you along for the ride as I process this journey. It’s time to return to my weekly schedule of Monday morning magic and sharing.

I’M BACK!!! 

It’s time to…….

Love them as they are, have amazing sex, and communicate with intention.