October Magic And Mayhem

October has always been an interesting month for me. It can often be a rollercoaster of emotional space and life happenings. Once again 2017 swooped in and reminded me of how magical my world can be. 


The Highlights

  • Art trip 
  • My birthday (omg my birthday!!!)
  • I sang in public (like nine actual words to music in front of other people)
  • Solo Exhibition (conceived, curated, installed, and opened in 4 days) 
  • Amazing Sex (like its time to reevaluate how you define sex)
  • My libido went on vacation (that one threw me but it was a good thing I think)
  • I got mugged (dude  literally snatched my phone out of my hand in the middle of a FaceTime conversation)
  • The universe autocorrected (I got my phone back and had a magical adventure)
  • Got inspired ideas for like 5 new series of work (the ideas just keep coming)
  • Recognition, validation, and magic all over the place

The obvious start is that my birthday is the beginning of this beautiful month. I'm 42 now and the ever comedic universe likes to play with how I feel about my age. It goes from exchanges that make me feel supernaturally “young” for my age, to moments that remind me…. “sir not only are you actually not young, but you are out of shape and need to take better care of this delicately aging machine”


It has become a time for a great deal of reflection on my life’s path. There is usually some drama or adventure. I have days of unparalleled joy and days of just ridiculous insanity. I’m a Libra, so while for some of you that just might sound crazy, it’s my norm. I’m always aware of the other side of the scale. Life is a constant balancing act. Something is always falling on one side or another and tilting us away from or toward the next experience. 


Well, October is over and we are officially well into November and I am sucking at being consistent with posting here. (Complaints of a man with a crap ton of awesome in his life that keeps him from writing lol) Anyway, I want to end by saying thank you! Thank you to the universe and thank you to all of the people that were a part of an amazing month. 


Love them as they are, have amazing sex, and communicate with intention.