The Grammer Fairy Has Landed

A long time ago I realized that I write like I speak. While I have a pretty decent mastery of the english language. I am a very conversational person. When it comes to writing though, some of those comfortable things just dont translate well into the written word. Here enters a wonderful addition to team Love Sex And Communication. 

It all started with a comment. The simplest, most honest set of words from a new reader. "True. Simple. To the point. Errors were quite distracting for me, but still got what I needed from this." I wecomed this honesty. After some conversation about how I work and what could be done to tighten up the LSC ship. I realized that she was a perfect fit. In no time flat she had come to understand my voice and we have been working quite wonderfully together.


So for those of you that were in love with my errors, sorry. There is all sorts of magic in having a second set of eyes to look over what I am sharing with you all. So I would like to introduce you to the new editor for Love Sex And Communication affectionately known as the grammer fairy Tyra L. Nelson. (I'm posting this last one without her awesome sauce)

Get ready for the magic!!! And dont forget, cause she sure won't let me. 


Love them as they are, have amazing sex, and communicate with intention.