In The Beginning

In the beginning there was love. Or was it sex? Wait, I guess communication had to come before either of those, right?

So this is the start of something new that’ s not really so new. Recently, I was asked if I hadn't decided on a career as an artist, what would I be doing? This person wanted to know what I would consider to be my "second calling." I literally said, “ I'm not sure, but I know it would have something to do with love, sex and communication."  So here goes!!! Let's talk...

Love:  A profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person (according to the dictionary).

Sex:  The act of sexual intercourse. (vague)

Communication:  The imparting or exchange of thoughts, opinions, or information by speech, writing or signs (finally, sorta clear).

Okay, now that we have gotten that out of the way, it's time to scratch at the surface a bit. Love is, of course, a difficult thing to pin down. It looks a little different for everyone. I've always thought of love (the noun) as a feeling I couldn’t quite explain. It can be overwhelming at times. Often paired with attachment, it has the unique ability to both heal and hurt. We all walk around with our own personal definitions of love and attached to those definitions are expectations. 

Sex, on the other hand, is easier to define, right? Ha! I guess we could keep it simple and stick to the textbook definition, but we all know that isn’t how it really works. There are issues of desires, needs and the romantic mythology of what we expect sex be. Let’s just say that compatibility is important. That can happen naturally or it can develop over time. The latter requires a bit of patience though.

Last, but not least, of my subjects: Communication. This is the key to all of it. It allows love to live and to last. It makes sex an experience worth repeating. The most clearly defined of the three, communication is often the most difficult for some of us to do effectively whenever love and sex are present.

All of this just to say hello. To introduce myself, my thoughts and my feelings on these subjects. Take them as they are and take me as I am.