Whiskey And Resolutions

The new year is approaching and I am sure many of you have already started planning your resolutions. What will it be for 2016?


Drink more ...(some of y'all need to loosen up) Whiskey and Ginger Beer just try it!!!

Drink less ...(hey man slow your row! Last year was a little wild!)

Have more sex ...(well I'm just saying it's important.)

Have less sex ...(put your pants back on and get some damn work done!)

Find a mate ...(You don't have to do this whole damn thing by yourself!)

Rekindle a dwindling fire ...(yeah baby... Let's get warm)

Communicate better ...(tell them how you really feel about it.)

Seriously, I'm sure I could go on but instead, just let your imagination flow.

New Year's Resolutions. It's a tradition of sorts. I'm not sure where it started nor will I be spending any energy to look that up. For better or worse a lot of us start our year with great intentions. Most of us don't get past February before we start slipping back into the way we have always operated. Default settings are comfortable for a reason. We are already used to them. Change is hard and even harder to maintain. If you slip, recommit. You don't have to wait until next January! Do it in March when it has a better chance of becoming your new default setting.


In case you were wondering, here are a few of my goals for 2016:

  • Get my ass back on track with this blog ( I'm sorry y'all - it has been over a month);
  • Get organized! (If you could see my studio my bedroom and my storage you would recommend or gladly host an intervention);
  • Make more steps toward rebuilding my relationship with my children. (I can only try but I need to try harder and with more consistency);
  • Spend less time on social media (Omg! What a damn addictive time vacuum);
  • Get an intern. (Seriously. There's too much on my plate and too many hats on my head).

Tyra, (my amazing editor and collaborator, in case you forgot)...Do you have any thoughts on resolutions for ME in 2016?

Why, yes David Anthony, I do!

  • Commit to 30 days of abstinence and document the process to share with others. (It will be tough at first, but trust me, L'il David is getting worn out and actually wants you to get some other work done too.);
  • Follow through with your ideas on taking your art to the next level! (You are larger than life! Surely, you must know that you are also bigger than Chicago too!);
  • Be intentional about listening to and hearing others. (People love you and care about you. You have to nurture that in a purposeful way.)
Up for the challenges!!!

Up for the challenges!!!

Well there you have it. If you cannot commit to do anything else, please resolve to.....

Love them as they are, have amazing sex and communicate with intention.


Author: David Anthony Geary

Contributing Writer/Editor: Tyra L. Nelson

Images: David Anthony Geary